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Baopuzi(Master Embracing Simplicity)

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Baopuzi(Master Embracing Simplicity)

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:36 pm

The Daoist text "Baopuzi "(The Master Embracing Simplicity) was written by Ge Hong 葛洪, an early 4th century Daoist master. He lived in a time when the scholars were frustrated in their pursuit of political position and embraced the role of literary recluse. Showing no interest in popular religious movements, the writings of Ge Hong nevertheless played an important role for Daoist thinking in southern China during the time of division.

The Baopuzi is divided into the Inner Chapters (Neipian 內篇) and the Outer Chapters (Waipian 外篇). The Outer Chapters with their dialectical form are an extended polemical defense of the legist-oriented conservative political, social and religious scholarship of Later Han Dynasty which still prevailed in south China. The much more important Inner Chapters of this work contain Ge Hong's own researches into the art of transcendence and immortality, topics like alchemy (jindan 金丹, pills), health preserving (yangsheng 養生), meditation and breathing techniques (xingqi 行氣), exorcism, sexual practices (fangzhongshu 房中術), herbalism (fuyao 服藥) and talismanic charms (shenfu 神符). Because of his preeminent position for southern Daoism, many works are falsely attributed to Ge Hong.

內篇 Neipian Inner Chapters:
1.暢玄 Changxuan Defining the Mysterious
2.論仙 Lunxian About Immortals
3.對俗 Duisu Answering Questions about Popular Conceptions
4.金丹 Jindan Gold and Cinnabar (The Pill of Immortality)
5.至理 Zhili The Ultimate Order
6.微旨 Weizhi The Meaning of the Subtle
7.塞難 Sainan Countering Objections
8.釋滯 Shizhi Resolving Hesitations
9.道意 Daoyi The Meaning of the Way
10.明本 Mingben Enlightening the Origin (of difference between Confucians and Daoists)
11.仙藥 Xianyao The Medicine of Immortality
12.辨問 Bianwen Discerning Questions (why Confucians are not able to become immortal)
13.極言 Jiyan Words about the Extreme (immortality)
14.勤求 Qinqiu Diligent Search (for a teacher for immortality)
15.雜應 Zaying Miscellaneous Answers
16.黃白 Huangbai Gold and Silver (as medicine for immortality)
17.登涉 Dengshe Climbing (Mountains) and Crossing (Rivers)
18.地真 Dizhen The Terrestrial Truth
19.遐覽 Xialan Broad Overview (over Daoist literature)
20.袪惑 Quhuo Allaying Doubts

外篇 Waipian Outer Chapters:
1.嘉遯 Jiadun In Praise of Eremitism
2.逸民 Yimin The Rusticating People
3.勖學 Xuxue Encouraging Study
4.崇教 Chongjiao Respecting Education
5.君道 Jundao The Way of the Ruler
6. 臣節 Chenjie The Integrity of the Ministers
7. 良規 Lianggui Good Regulations
8. 時難 Shinan Averting Difficulties at the Right Time
9. 官理 Guanli The Right Order among the Officials
10.務正 Wuzheng The Correct Use of Instruments
11.貴賢 Guixian Esteeming Wise People
12.任能 Renneng Employing the Able
13.欽士 Qinshi Respecting Well-Minded Subjects
14.用刑 Yongxing Employing Punishments
15.審舉 Shenju Examining Promotions
16.交際 Jiaoji Keeping Company
17.備闕 Beique Encountering Deficiencies
18.擢才 Zhuocai Promoting Talents
19.任命 Renming Employing Orders
20.名實 Mingshi Name and Reality
21.清鑒 Qingjian The Pure Mirror
22.行品 Xingpin Using Official Ranks
23.弭訟 Misong Ending Disputes
24.酒誡 Jiujie Adminishions on Alcohol
25.疾謬 Jimiu Pointing out Faults
26.譏惑 Jihuo Censuring Muddleheadedness
27.刺驕 Cijiao
28.百里 Baili Hundred Miles
29.接疏 Jieshu
30.鈞世 Junshi Equalizing Generations
31.省煩 Shengfan Decreasing Vexations
32.尚博 Shangbo Valuing Breadth of Learning
33.漢過 Hanguo The Faults of Han
34.吳失 Wushi The Failings of Wu
35.安塉 Anji
36.安貧 Anpin
37.仁明 Renming Benevolence and Brilliance
38.博喻 Boyu
39.廣譬 Guangpi
40.辭義 Ciyi Writings and Ideas
41.循本 Xunben
42.應嘲 Yingchao
43.喻蔽 Yupi Clarifying Obscurities
44.百家 Baijia The Hundred Schools
45.文行 Wenxing Cultivated Behaviour
46.正郭 Zheng Guo Correcting Guo (Tai)
47.彈禰 Tan Ni Accusing Ni (Heng)
48.詰鮑 Jie Bao Bao (Jingyan)
49.知止,窮達,重言 Zhizhi, Qiongda, Chongyan
50.自敘 Zixu Autobiography


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