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Yang Deficiency Syndrome(阳虚证) and its treatment

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Yang Deficiency Syndrome(阳虚证) and its treatment

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:01 pm

Yang Deficiency Syndrome(阳虚证) :

It features deficiency of yang qi and failure of it to warm and nourish the body, which results in hypofunction of the body and qi transformation. They are often caused by deficiency of yang qi due to a chronic illness, or long residence in a cold place, or taking too many medicinal herbs cold and cool in property and bitter in taste, or decline of fire of the life gate in the aged.

Clinical Manifestations: Aversion to cold,cold limbs, tastelessness in the mouth, absence of thirst, or thirst and preference for hot drinks,spontaneous sweating, clear and much urine, or oliguria and edema, loose stools, pale complexion, pale, enlarged flabby tongue with white slippery coating, deep, slow forceless pulse, associated with fatigue, lassitude and shortness of breath.

Syndrome Analysis: Failure of the warming function due to yang deficiency results in aversion to cold and cold limbs. Insecurity of yang qi causes spontaneous sweating and failure to warm body fluids leads to tastelessness in the mouth, absence of thirst, or thirst and preference to hot drinks, loose stools, clear and much urine, or oliguria. Failure of fluids to be properly distributed would cause flooding of water in the body with symptoms as pallor, edema, enlarged and delicate tongue with white slippery coating. A deep and slow pulse is due to less power to promote circulation. Fatigue, lassitude and shortness of breath are due to deficiency of yang qi.

The commonly seen yang deficiency syndromes are heart yang deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, stomach yang deficiency, heart-kidney yang deficiency and spleen-kidney deficiency.

The classical Chinese Patent medicine to treat Kidney yang deficiency is Jinkui Shenqi Wan


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